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10 October 2015 at 15:00

"Shuflink is your one link to all the links you love"

With Shuflink it's really simple for people to make a blog and share content from any website or social platform.
Share Photos, and Links of your favorite GIFs, Stream live videos from Twitch, Radio, Podcast, Audio, Videos, News, Anime, Fashion, Art, Codepen,Stackover questions, and many more. Shuflink is a collection of multiple contents from multiple websites in form of blogs so if you can search it on the web, you can share it on Shuflink.
We also support website like DaliyMotion,Giphy,Imgur,Kuula,Shadertoy and many more..

Upload Images

Select the upto 10 images and upload them to make a photo collage as show in the below snapshot.

Share with your friends on Shuflink or make them private so that uploaded images will be visible to only.

By not making your post private you can allow your friends to Like,Comment and Share.

Social Bookmarking / Link Sharing

Create a Slide-Show Post, Social bookmarking or Micro-Blog of up to 10 of your favourite content from any website Link.

Create multi Videos Post from Youtube, Dailymotion, Twitch, Vimeo and many others..

Create multi Audios Post from SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Bandcamp, Ustream and many others..

Create multi Gifs Post from Gyfcat, Imgur, Gipsy, Shadertoy and many others..

Create multi Images Post from Flickr, Google image and other free image providing websites..

Share content from any big social platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, VK or content from any other links.


Follow or get Followed the people you like to friends with or share similar interests.

Chat with people you are interested in to have a conversation with our interactive Chat feature which includes any Emojis to help you show your emotions and feelings for them.

So strick a conversation with people you are interested in. Happy Chatting and we hope you make many friends on Shuflink.

Tagging & Mention

We support @ Mention and # Hastags.

Search people and mention them in posts or comments using @ with the name of the person you like to tag (example: @Shuflink).

Create new # Hashtag or seach hashtags to link you post to the hashtag of your choice.(example: #Shuflink)

How Shuflink works? It's so simple you already know about it

You create a blog, you post it ,your followers will see it and then they gonna like, comment or share your post.

Similar you will follow blogs ,all those blog will appear on your home page so if you like them you can share ,comment or save them.

That's how you are going to discover new people ,new interest,new friends and things you like.So just keep on eplorering.

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